Alaska Airlines Credit Card Information

Introducing the Alaska Airlines Credit Card

The Alaska airlines Visa Signature credit card is an awards card which allows you accumulate air miles for use in travel. Typically, you will earn one a mile as a reward on all general purchases. If however, you can delete any purchases on Alaska airlines tickets, then the rewards are greater, typically offering three and miles for purchases of airline tickets or vacation packages. There are lots of bonuses to be had with using this card. For example, you can earn up to 5 miles for every dollar spent using mileage plan dining. Unlike other similar cards, there is no cap on the amount of miles that you can accrue using the Alaska Airlines credit card. It must be noted that Miles accrued are not a redeemable against Alaska Airlines, but also against a panel of a dozen or so additional carriers.

Alaska Airlines Credit Card Rates

The typical APR for the Alaska Airlines credit card is around 14 to 15% on purchases, with an annual fee which can range from $35 up to a maximum of $70. The balance transfer fees are typically 3%. Many of the security options that are available to other similar cards are provided for the Alaska Airlines card, such as account alerts, mobile banking, text banking and chip card technology. Overall, the Alaska Airlines credit card is recommended for consumers from the this is their airline of choice, and will enable them to further enhance the benefits of travelling with Alaska Airlines.

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