Choose the legacy visa credit card by firstnationalcc

Introducing the legacy visa credit card from firstnationalcc

The Legacy Visa credit card aims to rebuild the credit rating of people affected by the financial crisis.A new hope has come.

How the legacy visa card works

You may be wondering how the Legacy Visa card helps in repairing your damaged credit standing. Once offered, you can use the card for purchases then pay the billed amount on or before due date.

The First National CC reports to the three US credit bureaus namely: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. Your payment will be reported, recorded then included in the bureau’s credit report.This creates a new look on your credit rating.

As you are still in the process of rebuilding your credit record, the Legacy Visa card only offers a low credit limit. But with a good payment record, the limit will eventually increase.
You can shop, dine or travel and let the firstnationalcc Visa card pay for your expenses. You can use this card wherever a Visa type of card is accepted.
You can compare the interest rate of the Legacy Visa and discover that it indeed has a low variable rate compared to other bad credit cards.


Payment options for the legacy visa credit card

There are different options for payment. You can choose an automatic payment method so you are sure that you will not default in payment, if you forget about your due date. In case of extreme emergency where you may need immediate cash, you can make
cash advances and withdraw your cash from ATM machines.

Taking a look at the features, the Legacy Visa card is indeed a great credit card. You can view your account status online which saves you from being victimized by identity and password theft. The online management of your legacy credit card account can be done 24/7.

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