Disney Visa Card

There are many reasons as why people apply for the credit cards apart from the general use of making the payments. The Disney Visa card has over the years become famous and this has been a great deal to the Disney World. Many clients who are the Disney Visa card holders frequently use their cards in making payments for the purchases in order to get the reward points that will later be redeemed. This is a good way of saving for the travel expenses. This works on the basis that once the points have accumulated to required number, one can redeem for the rewards that are in place and travel is one of them.
There two main types of the Disney Visa card, namely: Disney rewards Visa card and the Disney Premier Visa card. They vary in terms of the perks that have been put in place.

Details on the Disney Visa card

There are certain features that are common in both types of the Disney Visa card. First, in order for one to earn the reward points, he/she has to spend on the purchases. The Visa card can be used at gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants and any Disney location. These areas are only those that allow the use of this Visa card. Another important thing with this card is that there is no limit on the number of points that one is required to earn. One is allowed to earn as many points as possible provided that the card is being put to use.
The reward points can be redeemed in order to get the rewards. A contrast comes in between the Disney Premier Visa card and Disney rewards Visa card in terms of the vacation rewards. The Disney rewards Visa card does not have the option of redeeming the points towards the airline travel. This is only applicable to the Disney Premier Visa card only.

Information on the Disney Premier Visa card

This card can be used at the grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants and many more. When one uses the card on purchases, he/she will earn 2% Disney reward dollars. It is adVisable for the cardholder to take advantage of the benefits that come with the credit card. The card on the other hand has some negativities that include $49 as the annual fee. The fee remains fixed and this becomes disadvantageous when compared to the other credit cards that waive the fee in the first year.

More on the Disney Premier Visa card

When one wants to apply for this credit card, the first thing that one has to do is to make a selection on the design that he/she would like to have his/her credit card. The application can be done over the phone provided the correct number is dialed. If one is interested in a Disney Visa card that has no annual fee, then it is best to work with the Disney rewards Visa card. With all this information, one will be able to decide on the credit card that meets his/her needs.

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