Facts on Gap Credit Card

The Gap credit card has become popular among many people and this can be as a result of the benefits that come along with it. This credit card is being provided by the GE Money Bank, but it also has some disadvantages because the card cannot be used worldwide. The card can only be used in the Gap and affiliate stores. The moment the cardholder uses the Gap credit card in making payments, he/she is entitled to discounts that have been put in place. This card also has the rewards program alongside it and this has been used over the years as a way of encouraging the clients to constantly make use of their cards in order to benefit from the rewards.

Review on the Gap credit card

As stated earlier, the card has the rewards program in place and there are many ways in which the cardholder can get the rewards. First, upon approval, one is entitled to the 15% off. The reward comes in the moment one has been approved to become a cardholder of the Gap credit card once the application has been submitted. In order to facilitate the daily use of the card, there are points that are earned if the card is used at the Gap stores. At the Gap stores, for every dollar that one spends on the card, one will receive 5 points. If the card is used elsewhere, one gets 1 point for every dollar that is spent using the card.
These reward points can be redeemed and for this case, one can redeem 1,000 points for $10. Gap credit card can be used to make the online payment, but this can only be enhanced through visiting the official website of Gap.

Steps on how to make online payment using the card

The cardholders do not find it difficult to use their cards in making the online payment. The following steps are to be followed when it comes to making the online payment and the task is as simple as possible. First, one has to visit the Gap official website (www.gap.com) in order to continue with the procedure. One has to locate the login options once the site has been opened, but under this circumstance, one has to click on the option to sign in.
Signing in has to be done through entering the password and the user ID. On the dashboard, there are many options that will be spotted. One has to find the card payment option in order to make the online payment.

More benefits that come along with the card

Gap credit card has saved many people when it comes to carrying large sums of money. This has eventually reduced the cases of theft and this has transformed shopping to being convenient. In addition, the cardholders are entitled to the reward points that can be redeemed for special benefits. The banks that offer this type of credit card have ensured that the customers are well-informed on the sales, offers and much more.

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