first savings credit card

About the first savings credit card

The first savings credit card, which is also known the firstsavingscc card is a product of first savings bank. There are currently four different varieties of card available, which will have different benefits and variable APR rates available. The headquarters and offices for the first savings credit card, are based in South Dakota. The cards are available for people who generally have poor or impaired credit histories. Due to this, quite often the APR rates that are offered can be high. In fact, it is not uncommon for an APR rate of 20% or higher to be offered as a standard rate.

First savings credit card fees

The first savings credit card by firstsavingscc can be expensive to acquire, as there is typically a $75 annual fee to be paid in addition to monthly charges. Although it could be argued that it is important for the services to be available to people with poor or impaired credit histories, it must be stated that money management skills take on an even greater importance for users of this company services.

Conclusion on the first savings credit card

In summary, it may seem that the first savings credit card by firstsavingscc has a lot of disadvantages and high costs to users, however, for people who have limited options when it comes to obtaining finance, it is better to have a choice or choices available, than no choice at all.

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