Guide to Getting and Using Amazon Credit Card

The Amazon credit card is offered to customers who are interested in making purchases across online retailers that are present supporting Amazon products. Places that accepts Visa, the Amazon credit card is legible for use. This card is issued by Chase and it can provide customers with credit when it comes to their need of accessing goods and services.

Application process of Amazon credit card

Like the Amazon Visa, the card is legible to rewards and rebates that are offered to clients who are seeking goods from Amazon. The application process is quite simple where it all happens online, anyone interested is required to visit the Amazon homepage. To be considered; one is required to provide a set of information through which amazon will make use of to determine if one is legible for the amazon credit card.
The information required includes one’s name, address, social security number together with his/her income. This information as part of the application is submitted online hence the approval process takes place where in one minute one will be either granted or denied.

Fees incurred through use of the card

Fee related to the Amazon credit card is as follows; users of the card are not charged anything for just possessing the card. The credit provider charges interest on the balance that is left on the credit card after months’ time. The interest charged to the customer depends on his/her personal credit rating hence tends to vary from one person to the other.
Instantly is the time allowed for the customer to make use of the Amazon credit card after undergoing successful approval process? Once a customer is approved, his/her credits are loaded in the Amazon and he/she can start buying the goods. Plastic card will be mailed to the said person within a week, hence deterring any form of inconveniences.

Does Amazon credit card attract rewards?

Just like the Amazon visa; customers can start earning rewards with the use of their cards when they buy products. These rewards can henceforth be used as trade in prospects for things like gifts or cash. Point of purchase tends to differ when it comes to one earning points; they are places that offer more points while others have less.
Although Amazon credit card doesn’t offer its users with direct benefit where one is very legible to earn 3 points when he/she uses the Amazon credit card instantly. This is earned on every dollar spend by the customer on the online site. Other establishments attract points amounting to 2 or 1 hence one equipped with this card is required to be smart about it and find a way to earn more points.
If one has good credit nothing stops him/her from getting an Amazon credit card and get to the privilege of shopping instantly with Amazon. Amazon is equipped with all kinds of products that a client may be in need of hence it is a one stop shop when it comes to shopping products and services. All one needs to understand it is good to pay any form of credit that one may have with the company to deter abolition of use and in the future one will not be considered for the card.

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