Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Information

Introducing the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

The Hawaiian airlines credit card is a relatively new service, provided by Barclaycard, which offers a reward program benefit frequent users of the airline. A good incentive is provided upon joining the program, with a 35,000 mile sign up bonus included. Barclaycard is not the only partner for the Hawaiians airlines credit card, as Bank of America also support the card. This is a MasterCard service. The only stipulation in be able to acquire the 35,000 miles would be to make at least $1000 worth of purchases within the first 90 days. So if you are a frequent flyer with Hawaiian airlines, and you plan to travel with them in the near future, this card may be worthy of consideration.

Hawaiian airlines credit card benefits

Other benefits of the Hawaiian airlines credit card include the cruel of 2 miles for every dollar spent on direct purchases from the airline. There are also additional incentives, such as the 50% off companion discount for coach travel. There is also the opportunity to earn up to 10 miles for every dollar spent with participating partners of the programme. There is an $89 annual fee for the card, which may be considered pricey, so it is imperative that applicants for the card know that it is highly likely that they will be using the airlines services in the near future. Another benefit of the service is the ability to share miles between friends and family. Smart chip technology is used in the Hawaiian airlines credit card, like many other similar cards in the market. There are no foreign transaction fees are using the card, which is seen as a welcome benefit. Transaction fees this card are at a similar rate to other services in the market. Overall, there are benefits to be had from using the Hawaiian airlines credit card, particularly if it is your airline of choice.

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