Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot credit card is being offered by the Home Depot. This card has been introduced into the financial market in order to meet the needs of the customers when it comes to financing the projects that they have in place. Home Depot offers two types of cards that include the Home Depot credit card and Home Depot commercial revolving charge card. This has been found to be the most secure way when it comes to financing the projects. The two cards have been developed to meet various needs of the customers.
The Home Depot credit card has become famous because it helps the people that have smaller projects or working in their homes to finance the whole projects. One basic thing with this credit card is that it does not have the rewards program alongside it.

Basic information on the Home Depot credit card

As stated earlier, the Home Depot credit card does not have the rewards for its customers. In order to make up for this, the company has established a few perks that are meant to encourage the cardholders to constantly use their credit cards. A good example of the perks includes not paying interest for a period of 6 to 12 months, but this will depend on the amount of the purchases. This credit card is mainly offered to those clients that have either good or an excellent credit score. This does not mean that that the people or businesses with a bad credit score are locked out from this credit card. In order to acquire one, one has to give a personal guarantee in exchange of the Home Depot credit card.
This credit card is being financed through Citibank and this is why it is their responsibility to decide on whether the client’s credit line can be increased or not.

Additional information on Home Depot

There is a penalty charged in case of a late payment or if the purchase balance is not cleared within a period of six months. One will be forced to pay interest that will be charged to one’s account. There are many cases that have been reported concerning the breach that comes along with the Home Depot credit card. This happens in the sense that the hackers are getting access to the customers’ data and this results into the credit card numbers being stolen.

How to protect the credit card from fraud

In order to ensure that the credit card information is not hacked, the cardholders are advised to constantly check their account statements instead of waiting for the monthly statements. There are high chances that an unauthorized personnel may use the cards to make the online payment, thus it is best to keep note of the payments that look suspicious at least once a week.
Another way of dealing with the situation is to upgrade the card, but this will depend on the locations that the card will be used since not all of them accept the new cards. In conclusion, the cardholder is not held liable in case of the fraudulent activities that are undertaken using the Home Depot credit card.

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