Horizon Credit Card

The Horizon credit card is being offered by the Horizon online store. This credit card has been introduced into the market in order to enable the members to buy merchandise back at the Horizon online stores. In most cases, this credit card is meant to help the customers buy the merchandise that they would otherwise not be able to. This card has been found to be valuable to many people because the fees that are charged on it are not as high as the other credit cards.
This article will highlight the fundamental facts on the Horizon credit card and outline why the card has been embraced by many people over the years.

Basic information on the Horizon credit card

The most attractive thing with this credit card is that the cardholder does not need to pay the annual percentage rates (APR). In addition, there are no annual fees attached to the card and this is why the card is able to meet the needs of the customers that are not able to buy the merchandise. This is because they do not have to put up with the additional fees. In order to maintain the credit card, the Horizon has imposed a monthly fee that is low as well as a one-time account setup fee.
The one-time account setup fee is debited from the credit card instead of the account balance. The additional fees that have been imposed on the Horizon credit card only come in when the purchases are made together with shipping. In order to be well informed of the charges and fees imposed by the card issuer, it is best for one to go through the terms and fees highlighted by the issuer before going ahead to apply for the credit card.

More details on the credit card

Fraud has been reported frequently on the Horizon credit card and this is why it is best to always ensure that the credit card is well protected. The card should only be used by the card member and this can be used as a way of protection. Once the company realizes that there is a fraudulent activity being done with the card, the company will prosecute in order to have the damages recovered.
In order for one to qualify for the Horizon credit card, one has to have an active credit card. The credit limit that comes with this credit card amounts to $500.

Conclusion on the benefits

There are benefits that are attached to the Horizon credit card. First, the cardholders are entitled to unlimited access to the credit report. The card account can be accessed online and this has made the transactions fast and convenient. There is a penalty imposed on the late payment that amounts to $20.
For this credit card, the applicant has to part with the application fees that amount to $29.95 and this is very disadvantageous in case the application is not approved. The Horizon also has the customer service sector that looks into the issues raised by the customers.

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