Instructions on Getting the Disney Visa

The Disney Visa that is in place is being offered by the Walt Disney World in partnership with the other commercial banks, such as Chase Bank. This facility has been accepted by many customers because it meets their needs and it has been widely put to use, provided that the locations that it is being used allow Visa. The Disney Visa has offers as well as special promotions that are meant to encourage the customers to frequently use their Visa whenever they make the Disney purchases.
This article will highlight the facts on the Disney Visa in order to make the clients fully informed on what is in store for them. One thing with this Visa is that once one receives the card, he/she is entitled to a full credit card limit.

Steps on obtaining the Disney Visa

The application for this Visa is done online and this is very fast because one does not need to physically visit the bank in order to have the application fully done. The first step demands that one has to visit the Disney Rewards Visa Card website in order to apply for the credit card. This is only possible once one creates an account with the Disney World. The three fundamental things that are demanded when creating an account include the email address, password and the date of birth. This has to be followed with logging in into the site in order to carry on with the application procedure.
There are many details that have to be entered in order to facilitate the application process. One has to enter his/her social security number, physical address as well as the full names. There is a section that demands the details on the employment status in terms of the annual income and employment information. In addition to that, one has to give two references.

More instructions on what has to be done for the application procedure

The next thing that one has to work on is making a selection on the Disney design that will be incorporated into the Visa card. Before clicking on the icon “Accept”, one has to go through the terms and conditions in order to be fully informed on what is expected from a person once he/she becomes a Disney Visa holder. It is best to review the information that one has entered before submitting it for application.
Once the information has been submitted, one will receive a notification of confirmation. If this is not the case, one will be notified that the bank needs more time on deciding on the approval or in other words, one will be notified that the application has been denied.

Conclusion on the details on the Disney credit card

As stated earlier, one can use his/her card to make the purchases since there is a temporary credit limit that is on offer. The card will be sent through the mail that one entered while creating an account with the Disney World. This means that, there after one is entitled to full credit card limit.

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