Kohl’s Credit Card

Kohl’s credit card can be used in the Kohl’s stores. This credit card entitled the cardholders to special discounts at the store. The discounts are being used as means of attraction in order to retain and get as many customers as possible. The card also offers the customers with credit, but in order to get it, one has to submit an application. It is not automatic that the card application will be approved, but if it happens that it is approved, one will receive a credit limit. The credit limit depends on the credit score of the applicant.
This artcle will highlight the steps that are to followed when one wants to apply for the Kohl’s credit card.

Applying for the Kohl’s credit card

One can only apply for this credit card if prompted by the clerk at the store. This is because the clerk is informed that the customer is eligible for the discount. Discounts can only be received if the card application has been approved. The response that one gets after submitting the application is very fast and the same applies to the online application. If the application is being done online, one has to enter the contact information together with the social security number. It is advisable for one to go through the terms and conditions that have been established by the Kohl’s stores in order to be well informed of what ought to be done and the fees charged.
The application can also be done over the phone provided that one calls 800-564-5740. There is more that is demanded when one applies online in that one will be forced to print out the application from the website and have it submitted at the Kohl’s store. The application form has to be submitted at the store in order the credit decision to be made.

Benefits that come along with the credit card

There are benefits that come along with this credit card and they include the special discounts that amounts to about 15 to 30%. These discounts come at least 12 times in a year. The moment one becomes a cardholder, he/she is enrolled in the Kohl’s credit card rewards program. The rewards program is based on the fact that the members will earn cash. For the first time users, they are entitled to 15% off the first purchase. Later on, for every $50 that one spends on the purchases, one earns $10 Kohl’s cash.

Review on how to make payment to the card

One has to visit Kohl’s official website and this should be followed by clicking “My Kohl’s Charge” in order to register the charge card online. One should then be prompted to enter his/her username and password. This will enable one to log in to his/her account in order to make the payment. This will demand the bank account information to be entered in order to facilitate the payment to the Kohl’s credit card.

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