Meijer Credit Card

Introducing the Meijer Credit Card

The meijer credit card is typically only available for people living in US states that have meijer stores. It is definitely an option for those consumers who have managed to maintain a balanced credit rating. It does, of course, offer awards to customers who frequent the meijer stores on a regular basis. It is worthy of consideration due to the fact that meijer stores have a wide range and diverse categories of goods on offer. This list includes things such as, groceries, furniture, clothing and many different types of household items. The meijer credit card is provided by MasterCard and as such, provides many of the facilities and services associated with MasterCard products.

Pros and Cons of the Meijer Credit Card

You will be pleased to hear that the meijer credit card by MasterCard is available without having to pay an annual fee. One of the advantages of the meijer credit card which consumers may find most appealing, are the fuel savings on offer. You will be able to save money on each and every gallon of fuel buy, using the card. As always, there are advantages and disadvantages with every credit card on the market and this card is no exception. Users of this card must ensure that they exercise good money management skills as the typical APR can range from 20 to 27%. This is clearly not a service consumers that may experience difficulty in paying their monthly bill.

Rewards and summary of the Meijer Credit Card

In summary it should be stated that the meijer credit card is primarily an awards card with a generous accumulation points accrued on all purchases. Your loyalty is definitely awarded with points for each dollar that you spend using the card and also each dollar spent in meijer stores. The meijer credit card by MasterCard is by no means that rewards card on the market, but is worth considering if you are a frequent visitor to meijer stores.

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