milestone credit card

Introducing the milestone credit card

The milestone credit card is a MasterCard service offered by Genesis bankcard services. It is typically a middle-of-the-road solution for people with a reasonable credit history. It must be said however, the typical APR on this card can be quite high. As with many of the cards, there are advantages and disadvantages compared to other services, and this card is no different.

Fees for the milestone credit card

There is an annual fee for the milestone credit card, which is typically anything between $35 and hundred dollars. This is generally subject to the credit history of the applicant. Whilst this is not the highest in the market, it is certainly pricey. So it is important to shop around before deciding if this card is right for you. One disadvantage of the milestone credit card is that it does not offer many rewards. Due to this, it is important to consider your typical purchasing behaviour pattern. If you are someone who regularly makes a lot of purchases at branded retail stores, then you may be better off applying for one of their cards instead.

Summary of the milestone credit card

One of the main advantages of the milestone credit card, indeed one that probably encourages a lot of applications, is the quick approval process. Decisions are made very quickly when applying for this card. Initial reports on the customer service and general information have been favourable, giving the impression of a quick and streamlined application process. So in summary, if you’re purchasing behaviour is not particularly exclusive to only a few retail brands and is more diverse, then the lack of rewards can be sacrificed in favour of a mid range credit card with good customer service and information available.

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