Pier 1 Credit Card

Pier 1 is responsible for the issuance of the Pier 1 credit card. This credit card is mainly used by the people that frequently shop at their stores. This is a credit card that embraces the rewards program and this has been channeled towards ensuring that the customers use their cards in making payments. In addition to the rewards, the cardholders are entitled to the rewards certificates that can be used for future shopping at the Pier 1 stores. Pier 1 credit card can only be used at the Pier 1 locations and this means that the card is not widely accepted.

Review on the Pier 1 credit card

There are four basic things that the Pier 1 credit card works towards. First, it ensures that the cardholders earn something the moment they spend on the credit cards. This means that for every dollar that one spends at the Pier 1, one is entitled to 1 point. Once the points have accumulated, the rewards can then come in. If one gets 200 points, then he/she is entitled to a $10 reward. Secondly, Pier 1 has more to offer in the sense that there are birthday gifts that are being offered in the stores.
Moreover, the members still got more to enjoy. Onus points can be earned together with the pecks. Just like the other credit cards, Pier 1 credit card offers the online services. In this case, one is able to access his/her account online. This makes it easy to manage the account because one will be able to keep track of the account activities. Payments can also be done online, thus convenient and fast transactions.

Additional details on the use of the credit card

When it comes to the application of this credit card, one does not need to pay any fee; the application is free. Moreover, when applying, one’s information is kept confidential and one is assured that it will not land in the wrong hands. There is no restriction on the number of credit cards that one can apply for; one can apply for many as possible.
Pier 1 has clearly stated that the card issuer has the freedom to stop the promotions and offers any time without even giving a notice. Pier 1 has also come up with the rewards MasterCard and the rewards are earned through spending on the imports. For every dollar spent on the imports, one gets 1 point and there is also an additional 20% off bonus provided that the approval is given.

Conclusion on the benefits

Apart from the rewards, the cardholder gets the special discounts. When there are new arrivals in the store, the cardholders will be called upon in order to take advantage of the peeks. Pier 1 demands that one gives the information on the birthday date in order for the cardholder to receive a coupon worth $15 within the month of the birthday. One also automatically qualifies for the Platinum status without necessarily having to apply for it.

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