PNC Credit Card

The PNC credit card has been developed in order to ensure that the customers are able to get the convenience and protection services they desire. The credit card also has the rewards program in the sense that when the card is used on the purchases, one is entitled to bonus points. The PNC credit card is being offered by the PNC Bank and this has improved over the years when it comes to the services they offer. The bank has come up with the offers as well as rewards that are earned through the bonus points. This has been used as a way of encouraging the card members to frequently use their cards when making the purchases.

Review on the PNC credit card

The moment one becomes a holder of the PNC credit card, one is entitled to many benefits together with services. First, the bank has established the credit card login in order to ensure that the needs of the customers are met as well as their security is ensured. The cardholder has to log into his/her account in order to get the information on his/her credit card account. The login is also essential when it comes to accessing the online banking services. The online payment has been embraced by many people and this is because it eases the burden of physically visiting the stores to purchase anything.
Alongside the online banking services and payment, the card also offers its members with other benefits and rewards. During the first 3 billing cycles, the cardholder has more to enjoy because he/she is entitled to 25,000 bonus points. The points are earned the moment one makes purchases worth $750 and this is within the period of the first 3 billing cycles after the account has been opened. In addition, for every dollar that one spends on the qualifying purchases, he/she is entitled to 4 points provided that the PNC credit card is used to make the payment.

Details on the online payment

In order to enjoy the PNC services on online payment, one has to first log in into his/her credit card account. The online payment covers many services, such as paying the bills. This is facilitated the moment one sets his/her payment amount and the date when the payment will be made. This method of payment has been found to secure and fast, thus reducing the issue of queueing at the shopping malls.

Features of this credit card

For the first 12 billing cycles, one does not need to pay the introductory APR on the balance transfers. When the first 12 billing cycles are over, the cardholder will be forced to pay a variable APR, but this is based on the credit score of the individual. The APR will vary based on the prime rate in the market. The PNC credit card does not charge an annual fee. The moment one becomes a card member, he/she will be enrolled in the points program. No limit has been imposed on the points that one has to earn.

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