Review on First Savings Visa

First Savings Visa is offered to customers of First Savings bank as part of their service they offer to outcompete other financial institutions in the market. When a customer is in need of financial savings Visa, he/she is required to choose from two available options offered by the First Savings Bank. Their Visa check card appreciates customers with all the conveniences that they expect when it comes to making use of the debit/credit card.

Goodness in First Savings Visa

Additional flexibility is offered to customers when it comes to making use of the First Savings bank. With First Savings Visa debit card, a customer will have much capability to withdraw cast to the amount of $500 in a settlement day. This gives opportunities to the users to make to $2,000 in terms of purchases that they make in destinations that accept Visa. First Savings bank credit and Visa card are offered by the bank at no cost and also as part of their service, no transaction fee are imposed on First Savings Visa. This move was undertaken to outdo the competition in order to lure customers who are surcharged on the same transaction by other financial institutions.

More goodies from First Savings Visa

First Savings Visa ATM card is legible in all ATM outlets that are accorded with the Plus symbol also users are very legible to perform transactions in destinations that support interlink and pulse. The amount in cash supported per day entails $300 and this means that one can easily make $300 purchases in a single day. Those making use of the Visa card are guided from first saving bank to desist from the following; doing text messages about one’s card is heavily discouraged if one is to avoid situations. Also, automated telephone and requests for card number and pin are hugely discouraged if one wants to prevent himself/herself from situations of fraud.
Upon being accorded with either First Savings Visa debit or credit card there are instructions laid out clearly for one to follow in case his/her First Savings Visa is lost or stolen. Once this happens to anyone, he/she is advised to contact the customer care center through this number, 215-257-5035.This call should be made immediately in order for that First Savings Visa is blocked from any form of transaction and the customer is accorded with a new card. Other contacts that one is legible to make use of is that of Visa which is 1-866-809-2685.

Accessing more information on First Savings Visa

All transaction information can be accessed from First Savings bank online account. It is from this account that one can undertake a series of actions related to first saving Visa usage and maintenance by the customer. Series of actions that one can perform on the First Savings Visa includes changing one address, alerts related to text and email, pin request, any form of disputes and requests related to First Savings Visa replacement.
It is also from this account that one can access that transaction stamen together with the payment history. Also the customer is very legible to undertake scheduling when it comes to setting up automatic payments.

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