Sallie Mae Credit Card

Introducing the sallie mae credit card

The Sallie Mae credit card is a MasterCard service that is basically a rewards card that even students may be able to apply for. It offers cashback rewards for regular purchases which may include gas stations, grocery stores and even bookstores. There are incentives offered to entice applications for the card which include cashback bonuses which can be redeemed within three months and there is a standard reward rate of 1% on purchases.

Sallie Mae Credit Card fees

The APR on the Sallie Mae credit card is variable, typically between parameters of 14 to 23% on average. This will be dependent upon current credit rating worthiness. It should be noted that if the consumer is likely to buy gas, groceries and books on a regular to frequent basis, these are areas that the consumer can use the card to the greatest benefit. Also, if the consumer is a regular traveller, there are also air miles bonuses to be gained.

Conclusion on the Sallie Mae credit card

In summary, the Sallie Mae credit card by MasterCard is worthy of consideration if the desire is to have a card cashback rewards available, even as your spending habits are not in the extreme. As always, good money management skills are a necessity, as the penalties can range up to 27% if bills are not paid in a timely manner.

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