Sears Credit Card

The Sears credit card is being offered essential by the Sears Stores, but it has gone to an extent whereby the card can be found in many banks. This credit card has been found to be essentially suitable for those people that frequently visit the Sears Stores. The good thing with this credit card is that one is entitled to many discount opportunities. In addition, the members do not have to part away with the annual fees because the card does not charge them. In order to reduce the congestion at the store, Sears has gone to the extent of establishing the online services. Online services have been found to be convenient and fast enough.

How to log into the Sears credit card account

In order to take advantage of the online services that are being provided, one has to create a credit card account as the initial step. When creating the account, one has to enter his/her user ID together with the password. It is advisable for one to constantly change his/her password after a period of 60 to 90 days in order to keep the information and identity as secure as possible. The essence of creating the credit card account is to enable one to access his/her account information without having to visit the bank in person.
The account can also be used for other purposes apart from getting access to the account information. The online payment method has been facilitated by the Sears credit card. Sears have also come up with their own official website ( and this can be used as one way of logging into the account. If one decides to visit the main webpage, he/she will be required to enter six digits as they appear on the Sears credit card.

Benefits of using the credit card

As stated earlier, the cardholders are entitled to good discount opportunities. The main perk by the Sears Stores is the 20% discount on the specific purchases. This 20% discount only comes in specific times of the year and not in all occasions. Another benefit on offer is that if the customers finds that the product does not meet his/her needs, then he/she has the freedom to return it to the store without having to show the receipt provided that the Sears credit card was used to make payments.
Currently, the Sears credit card is being offered by many banks, such as Citibank, HSBC and many more.

Final details on the credit card

The payment can be made in three ways; over the phone, online or via the mail. One can also use the card to make payment in person. The annual percentage rate charged on the Sears credit card is variable, but is about 22.15%. Just like the online payment, the credit card has allowed online application. The cardholder is also able to save money based on the special financing offers that have been put in place. The savings are on a monthly basis, thus the card has more to offer.

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