Amex Everyday

… self-confessed shopaholic! Amex Everyday Fees The AMEX everyday credit card is available for no annual fee which is in keeping with a lot of recent card releases, a tactic introduced to encourage applications further. The standard card has more basic features, there is a 0% APR which is valid for the first 15 months on purchases and also balance transfers, after this period the APR is variable, subject to credit rating. You will get additional points purchases at supermarkets, so it is worthy of … … Continue reading

milestone credit card

Introducing the milestone credit card The milestone credit card is a MasterCard service offered by Genesis bankcard services. It is typically a middle-of-the-road solution for people with a reasonable credit history. It must be said however, the typical APR on this card can be quite high. As with many of the cards, there are advantages and disadvantages compared to other services, and this card is no different. Fees for the milestone credit card There is an annual fee for the milestone credit … … Continue reading

first savings credit card

… that are offered can be high. In fact, it is not uncommon for an APR rate of 20% or higher to be offered as a standard rate. First savings credit card fees The first savings credit card by firstsavingscc can be expensive to acquire, as there is typically a $75 annual fee to be paid in addition to monthly charges. Although it could be argued that it is important for the services to be available to people with poor or impaired credit histories, it must be stated that money management skills take … … Continue reading

Meijer Credit Card

… groceries, furniture, clothing and many different types of household items. The meijer credit card is provided by MasterCard and as such, provides many of the facilities and services associated with MasterCard products. Pros and Cons of the Meijer Credit Card You will be pleased to hear that the meijer credit card by MasterCard is available without having to pay an annual fee. One of the advantages of the meijer credit card which consumers may find most appealing, are the fuel savings on offer. … … Continue reading

Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Information

… for coach travel. There is also the opportunity to earn up to 10 miles for every dollar spent with participating partners of the programme. There is an $89 annual fee for the card, which may be considered pricey, so it is imperative that applicants for the card know that it is highly likely that they will be using the airlines services in the near future. Another benefit of the service is the ability to share miles between friends and family. Smart chip technology is used in the Hawaiian … … Continue reading

Alaska Airlines Credit Card Information

… you can earn up to 5 miles for every dollar spent using mileage plan dining. Unlike other similar cards, there is no cap on the amount of miles that you can accrue using the Alaska Airlines credit card. It must be noted that Miles accrued are not a redeemable against Alaska Airlines, but also against a panel of a dozen or so additional carriers. Alaska Airlines Credit Card Rates The typical APR for the Alaska Airlines credit card is around 14 to 15% on purchases, with an annual fee which can … … Continue reading

Lord and Talor Credit Card Information

… customers who generally use multiple credit cards and store cards will not be able to benefit by this method. It is therefore recommended all loyal customers only. It is easy to acquire the card as there is no annual fee, minimising the barriers to entry on the programme. At this time, the maximum rate fee charged is around $35 with a 23 day grace period. The Lord and Taylor credit card offers many of the online features common to similar store cards including online statements and electronic … … Continue reading

Shell Credit Card

… balance transfer, there is a rate that is imposed. The Shell credit card can be used at the Shell gas stations as well as the other gas stations. In addition, there is no annual fee attached to this card. For the first time users of the card, there is no late fee charged in case of a first late payment. The foreign transactions can be carried out without having to pay the fee, thus there is no foreign transaction fee imposed. The Shell credit card can be used for various purposes, such as paying … … Continue reading

Sams Credit Card

… only be done if one gives a reasonable reason behind the need for the card replacement. If the card was stolen, one has to indicate so in order for the stolen card to be cancelled. The representative at the club will ask the client to submit a form of identification in order to compare it with the information on the Sam’s credit card. Final details on the credit card If there is no cause for alarm, the client will be handed a new credit card. This credit card charges no annual fee. In … … Continue reading

PNC Credit Card

… variable APR, but this is based on the credit score of the individual. The APR will vary based on the prime rate in the market. The PNC credit card does not charge an annual fee. The moment one becomes a card member, he/she will be enrolled in the points program. No limit has been imposed on the points that one has to earn. … … Continue reading