JCPenney Credit Card

… These points are earned the moment the card is used in the qualifying JCPenney products. In addition, one is entitled to 25% extra bonus points if the rewards credit card is used. More has been put in place in order to encourage the customers to use their cards; in a month, if one gets 250 points, then he/she is entitled to a $10 JCP reward certificate. Even if one gets the 250 points in more than a month, then he/she is not eligible for the rewards certificate. The application process for this … … Continue reading

Horizon Credit Card

… payment that amounts to $20. For this credit card, the applicant has to part with the application fees that amount to $29.95 and this is very disadvantageous in case the application is not approved. The Horizon also has the customer service sector that looks into the issues raised by the customers. … … Continue reading

Review on Goodyear Credit Card

The Goodyear credit card is being offered to the consumers of the car tires and this has been a way of ensuring that the clients get the best services. This credit card is almost similar to the other credit cards when it comes to making payments. Goodyear Company has also worked in partnership with the other companies in order to offer this credit card. In order to be eligible for the application of the credit card, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled. First, the applicant has … … Continue reading

Facts on Gap Credit Card

… it and this has been used over the years as a way of encouraging the clients to constantly make use of their cards in order to benefit from the rewards. Review on the Gap credit card As stated earlier, the card has the rewards program in place and there are many ways in which the cardholder can get the rewards. First, upon approval, one is entitled to the 15% off. The reward comes in the moment one has been approved to become a cardholder of the Gap credit card once the application has been … … Continue reading

Guide to Getting and Using Amazon Credit Card

The Amazon credit card is offered to customers who are interested in making purchases across online retailers that are present supporting Amazon products. Places that accepts Visa, the Amazon credit card is legible for use. This card is issued by Chase and it can provide customers with credit when it comes to their need of accessing goods and services. application process of Amazon credit card Like the Amazon Visa, the card is legible to rewards and rebates that are offered to clients who are … … Continue reading

Details on Walmart Card

… according to the information that is being demanded. Once the form is complete, it has to be handed back to the attendant. The form will then be forwarded for processing. These are the guidelines that are to be followed if one opts to undertake the application in person. There is an option of the online application. One has to first visit the Walmart application website. One has to click on the icon “Apply Now”. The process is almost similar to applying in person because even online, … … Continue reading

Facts on Visa Rewards Card

… for it either in person or online. Online application can be done once one visits the official Visa website while in person, one has to visit any bank. One has to make a selection on the type of reward program that he/she wants his/her card to have. This will depend on the particular reward that is on offer; whether the hotel vouchers, airline miles and much more. The Visa rewards card has to be used often in order to accumulate as many points as possible. The card has to be used in locations … … Continue reading

Different Types of Visa Classic

… charged and the bank puts low interest rates. Their Visa classic is also widely accepted, thus one needs not to worry about carrying cash around. If one wants to apply for the credit card, this can be done online and there are no fees charged for the application process. The bank has also developed a website that can be used for the application procedure and additional information about the operations of the bank. For those that are already members of the Iberia Bank, they are advised to visit … … Continue reading