The Limited Credit Card

… Limited credit card comes with the rewards program in order to attract as many customers as possible. This article will highlight the features and benefits that the cardholder has to put with. The rewards are earned through the accumulation of the points. Basic information on The Limited credit card In order for one to earn the points, one has to use his/her The Limited credit card to do the shopping. The points can then be transformed into rewards and in most cases, one is entitled to $15 … … Continue reading

Shell Credit Card

… the customers because they have enabled to save money when they pay for the auto maintenance services. Features of the Shell credit card For the first 14 months, the cardholder is entitled to some benefits that include the 0% introductory annual percentage rate. Within this period, the card member does not need to part with any rates when it comes to the balance transfers. When the 14 months after receiving the card are over, there is a variable APR that is imposed on any purchases. To each … … Continue reading

Rooms To Go Credit Card

… purchases. In order to determine the credit worthiness of a person, the financial history has to be put into consideration alongside the income that one earns. In order to qualify for this card, one has to report a fair, good or excellent credit score. His means that if the applicant has a bad credit rating, then he/she will be denied the opportunity to become a cardholder. … … Continue reading

Pier One Credit Card

… account overview. This will mainly focus on account activity that covers minimum payment due, total balance and recent purchases. When it comes to paying the bills, one has to select “Pay the ill” option. One will then be demanded to enter the amount to be billed. Benefits of this credit card One fundamental thing with this credit card is that it has the rewards program. The points are the basic thing that will lead to the rewards. For every dollar spent on the card, the cardholder … … Continue reading

Pier 1 Credit Card

… the promotions and offers any time without even giving a notice. Pier 1 has also come up with the rewards MasterCard and the rewards are earned through spending on the imports. For every dollar spent on the imports, one gets 1 point and there is also an additional 20% off bonus provided that the approval is given. Conclusion on the benefits Apart from the rewards, the cardholder gets the special discounts. When there are new arrivals in the store, the cardholders will be called upon in order to … … Continue reading

Lane Bryant Credit Card

… customers that are fond of shopping at the Lane Bryant store. This is because for every purchases that one makes, he/she is entitled to points. Benefits that come along with the Lane Bryant credit card This card comes with the rewards that can only be earned when one makes purchases. When the card is used at the Lane Bryant stores, the cardholder is entitled to 2 points for every dollar spent. If the card is used elsewhere, the member earns 1 point for every dollar spent on the credit card. … … Continue reading

Kohl’s Credit Card

… one becomes a cardholder, he/she is enrolled in the Kohl’s credit card rewards program. The rewards program is based on the fact that the members will earn cash. For the first time users, they are entitled to 15% off the first purchase. Later on, for every $50 that one spends on the purchases, one earns $10 Kohl’s cash. Review on how to make payment to the card One has to visit Kohl’s official website and this should be followed by clicking “My Kohl’s … … Continue reading

Kmart Credit Card

… no application is being approved because the card is no longer being offered. This does not mean that a cardholder can no longer earn the points. The cardholder is entitled to special discounts and promotions. Caution to be exercised The good thing with the Kmart credit card is that it can be used in the Sears. When applying online or signing into the credit card account, one has to cautious in the sense that the website should be secured to avoid the information landing in the wrong hands. It … … Continue reading