Lane Bryant Credit Card

The Lane Bryant credit card is a product that is being offered the Lane Bryant store. This is a store that deals with the women’s clothing. The store has developed its own official site in order to update the customers on what is trending in fashion. The website gives the customers ideas and designs in order to have a well designed fashion. Just like many other credit cards, Lane Byant credit card comes with the reward program. This means that this credit card is suitable for those … … Continue reading

Kohl’s Credit Card

Kohl’s credit card can be used in the Kohl’s stores. This credit card entitled the cardholders to special discounts at the store. The discounts are being used as means of attraction in order to retain and get as many customers as possible. The card also offers the customers with credit, but in order to get it, one has to submit an application. It is not automatic that the card application will be approved, but if it happens that it is approved, one will receive a credit limit. The … … Continue reading

JCPenney Credit Card

Synchrony Bank is known to offer the JCPenney credit card. This is a credit card that is suitable for those people that are fond of shopping at the stores. The reason behind the invention of this card is that it is used to reward the customers who have pledged their loyalty in frequently shopping at the store. JCPenney credit card comes with the rewards program in order to encourage the customers to frequently use their cards in making purchases. Before one can apply for this card, one is … … Continue reading

Horizon Credit Card

The Horizon credit card is being offered by the Horizon online store. This credit card has been introduced into the market in order to enable the members to buy merchandise back at the Horizon online stores. In most cases, this credit card is meant to help the customers buy the merchandise that they would otherwise not be able to. This card has been found to be valuable to many people because the fees that are charged on it are not as high as the other credit cards. This article will highlight … … Continue reading

Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot credit card is being offered by the Home Depot. This card has been introduced into the financial market in order to meet the needs of the customers when it comes to financing the projects that they have in place. Home Depot offers two types of cards that include the Home Depot credit card and Home Depot commercial revolving charge card. This has been found to be the most secure way when it comes to financing the projects. The two cards have been developed to meet various needs of … … Continue reading

Review on Goodyear Credit Card

The Goodyear credit card is being offered to the consumers of the car tires and this has been a way of ensuring that the clients get the best services. This credit card is almost similar to the other credit cards when it comes to making payments. Goodyear Company has also worked in partnership with the other companies in order to offer this credit card. In order to be eligible for the application of the credit card, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled. First, the applicant has … … Continue reading

Facts on Gap Credit Card

The Gap credit card has become popular among many people and this can be as a result of the benefits that come along with it. This credit card is being provided by the GE Money Bank, but it also has some disadvantages because the card cannot be used worldwide. The card can only be used in the Gap and affiliate stores. The moment the cardholder uses the Gap credit card in making payments, he/she is entitled to discounts that have been put in place. This card also has the rewards program alongside … … Continue reading

Dillard’s Credit Card

Dillard’s credit card is being offered by the Dillard’s Store. This card can be used by their categories of financial status and this will depend on the credit score of the cardholder. The card demands that one has to either meet an excellent, good or fair credit score. The card also has the rewards program attached to it and they have been categorized in order to ensure that the customers get the best out of the Dillard’s credit card. Dillard’s Stores mainly focus on the … … Continue reading

Review on Credit One Bank

… banks is discouraged from taking savings or any form of time deposits that their total amount is less than $100 million. An amount less than the stipulated can only be accepted only if they are used as a form of collateral for credit card loans. Also, according to the charter, Credit one bank is deterred from undertaking business in form of commercial loans. As said earlier; history of Credit one bank dates back to the year 1984 where it began operations where at that time it was known as First … … Continue reading