PNC Credit Card

… information on his/her credit card account. The login is also essential when it comes to accessing the online banking services. The online payment has been embraced by many people and this is because it eases the burden of physically visiting the stores to purchase anything. Alongside the online banking services and payment, the card also offers its members with other benefits and rewards. During the first 3 billing cycles, the cardholder has more to enjoy because he/she is entitled to 25,000 … … Continue reading

Pier One Credit Card

… payments online, one has to first register with the Chase website. This will also enable one to easily access his/her credit card account without having to visit the bank. When creating or rather registering with their website, one has to enter the information as required and it has to be honest. For future access to the credit card account, one will be forced to enter the username as well as the password. The online account will be able to provide all the essential services pertaining the … … Continue reading

Pier 1 Credit Card

… fast transactions. Additional details on the use of the credit card When it comes to the application of this credit card, one does not need to pay any fee; the application is free. Moreover, when applying, one’s information is kept confidential and one is assured that it will not land in the wrong hands. There is no restriction on the number of credit cards that one can apply for; one can apply for many as possible. Pier 1 has clearly stated that the card issuer has the freedom to stop … … Continue reading

Kohl’s Credit Card

… submitting the application is very fast and the same applies to the online application. If the application is being done online, one has to enter the contact information together with the social security number. It is advisable for one to go through the terms and conditions that have been established by the Kohl’s stores in order to be well informed of what ought to be done and the fees charged. The application can also be done over the phone provided that one calls 800-564-5740. There is … … Continue reading

JCPenney Credit Card

… advised to go through the terms and conditions that have been put in place in order to be familiarized with the features and fees of the card. Basic information on the JCPenney credit card The credit card has the rewards together with the savings that come with the frequent use of the card to make purchases. JCP has also come up with the rewards credit card that can be used in order to earn the points. It is stated that for every dollar that one spends on the card, one is entitled to 1 point. … … Continue reading

Horizon Credit Card

… the fundamental facts on the Horizon credit card and outline why the card has been embraced by many people over the years. Basic information on the Horizon credit card The most attractive thing with this credit card is that the cardholder does not need to pay the annual percentage rates (APR). In addition, there are no annual fees attached to the card and this is why the card is able to meet the needs of the customers that are not able to buy the merchandise. This is because they do not have to … … Continue reading

Home Depot Credit Card

… the customers. The Home Depot credit card has become famous because it helps the people that have smaller projects or working in their homes to finance the whole projects. One basic thing with this credit card is that it does not have the rewards program alongside it. Basic information on the Home Depot credit card As stated earlier, the Home Depot credit card does not have the rewards for its customers. In order to make up for this, the company has established a few perks that are meant to … … Continue reading

Review on Goodyear Credit Card

… order to have the full details of the client. One has to fill in both the first and the last names together with the physical address. The phone number will also be filled as required. The financial information has to be taken into consideration and this is why the applicant is expected to state his/her annual salary and wages. As stated earlier, one has to be in possession of the social security number. Once the application is approved, there are certain briefings that one will be informed on … … Continue reading