Sallie Mae Credit Card

Introducing the sallie mae credit card The Sallie Mae credit card is a MasterCard service that is basically a rewards card that even students may be able to apply for. It offers cashback rewards for regular purchases which may include gas stations, grocery stores and even bookstores. There are incentives offered to entice applications for the card which include cashback bonuses which can be redeemed within three months and there is a standard reward rate of 1% on purchases. Sallie Mae Credit … … Continue reading

Amex Everyday

… consideration if you are a frequent shopper at the supermarkets supported by the card. By comparison, the AMEX everyday preferred credit card offers bonus points for consumers who spend up to $1000 within a three-month period. Amex Everyday Credit Card conclusion In summary, the AMEX everyday credit card offers a low entry point with no annual fee. The preferred card offers bonus points for people who spend a lot of money with the card, the only caveat is that the preferred card does charge an … … Continue reading

Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card Information

Introducing the Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card The Hawaiian airlines credit card is a relatively new service, provided by Barclaycard, which offers a reward program benefit frequent users of the airline. A good incentive is provided upon joining the program, with a 35,000 mile sign up bonus included. Barclaycard is not the only partner for the Hawaiians airlines credit card, as Bank of America also support the card. This is a MasterCard service. The only stipulation in be able to acquire the … … Continue reading

Lord and Talor Credit Card Information

Introducing the Lord and Taylor Credit Card The Lord and Taylor credit card is a relatively new service, which offers rewards to consumers who are loyal and frequent purchasers of their products. Lord Taylor is a fashion retailer catering to men and children, selling fashionable clothing and accessories. Their credit card offers numerous benefits and discounts, some of which are limited, others which are more permanent. Typically, there is a standard 15% discount on all products that are … … Continue reading

American eagle credit card Information

… Credit card The platinum version of the american eagle credit card is targeted at people who wish to rebuild their credit rating at the same time as making purchases. This version has the lowest APR of three, currently capped at 9.9%. It has the lowest credit limits of the three, ranging between $500 to a maximum of $25,000. Other benefits include travel accident insurance up to a maximum of $400,000. By comparison, the Platinum rewards card offers more overall awards, but typically has a higher … … Continue reading

TJ Maxx Credit Card

… signing into the account. One can also make a payment online, hence saving on time. The store has also tried to keep its customers updated on any offers, transactions or any inconvenience that might come up in case of any disclosure of a particular service. Contact information of the credit card The payment of the bills can be done online and at the same time, one can do via the mail. The address that is to be used is “TJX Rewards, P.O Box 530948, Atlanta, GA 30353”. Once the card … … Continue reading

Shell Credit Card

… the bills, checking the Shell gift card balance. The card also comes with the rewards program, thus the cardholders are able to access the rewards or offers that have been put in place. Additional information on the credit card As stated earlier, the Shell credit card has the rewards that come when the purchases are made using the card. For every dollar spent on the gas, utility purchases and grocery, the cardholder is entitled to 2 points. This is only applicable if the purchases are made at … … Continue reading

Sears Credit Card

… charged on the Sears credit card is variable, but is about 22.15%. Just like the online payment, the credit card has allowed online application. The cardholder is also able to save money based on the special financing offers that have been put in place. The savings are on a monthly basis, thus the card has more to offer. … … Continue reading

Sams Credit Card

… This article will put emphasis on the features of this credit card and what it offers to its customers. Instructions on how to get Sam’s credit card There are only a few elements that have to be in place in order for one to get this credit card. One has to fill in the credit card application form and submit it. On the form, personal information has to be filled in. First, one has to come up with the account that will comfortably suit the needs of the applicant. This means that if one is … … Continue reading

Sam’s Club Credit Membership

… information programs as well as the services being provided by the club. A membership agreement has to be filled in and this can be done either online or at the club. The club offers two credit accounts; both consumer and business. This means that if one wants to have the business membership, then one has to enter the tax identification number. If the organization is non-profit making, then it has to submit the tax exempt card. For all types of memberships, one has to pay for the membership that … … Continue reading