Horizon Credit Card

… the fundamental facts on the Horizon credit card and outline why the card has been embraced by many people over the years. Basic information on the Horizon credit card The most attractive thing with this credit card is that the cardholder does not need to pay the annual percentage rates (APR). In addition, there are no annual fees attached to the card and this is why the card is able to meet the needs of the customers that are not able to buy the merchandise. This is because they do not have to … … Continue reading

Home Depot Credit Card

… the customers. The Home Depot credit card has become famous because it helps the people that have smaller projects or working in their homes to finance the whole projects. One basic thing with this credit card is that it does not have the rewards program alongside it. Basic information on the Home Depot credit card As stated earlier, the Home Depot credit card does not have the rewards for its customers. In order to make up for this, the company has established a few perks that are meant to … … Continue reading

Dillard’s Credit Card

… dollar spent. If the card is used elsewhere, the member only gets 1 reward point for every dollar spent using the card. There are saving options available to the cardholders and the good thing with this credit card is that, there is no limit on the amount that one has to save. More details on the Dillard’s Dillard’s credit card does not charge an annual fee. There are disadvantages that come in as well with the credit card. Under this circumstance, balance transfers are not being … … Continue reading

Details on Walmart Card

… to 10 working days. This article will highlight the easy steps that one has to follow in order to obtain a Walmart card for various purposes especially shopping. Instructions on how to obtain the Walmart card The first thing that one has to do is to pay a visit to any Walmart location in order to seek the help of the attendant. The attendant will guide one on how to apply for the Walmart credit card. The attendant will give one, the form that needs to be filled. One has to fill the form … … Continue reading

Visa Oder MasterCard

… to avoid rubbing it off. Another thing that one has to bear in mind when the Visa Oder MasterCard expires is that, the card has to cut up to avoid landing in the wrong hands. More instructions to be observed Just like the other credit cards, the cardholders of this Visa are rarely held responsible for the fraudulent activities done by the unauthorized personnel. This should not be a guarantee that no charges will be imposed because most clients may not take this seriously. The many fraud cases … … Continue reading

Visa Money Transfer

… Visa to another, there are certain steps that have to be followed. This will make sure that the right thing is undertaken. Steps on how the Visa money transfer works The first step demands that one has to be fully informed on whether the Visa money transfer that he/she chooses will ensure that money is saved. The information can be gathered from both the old and new cards and this will be based on the APR for the old and new credit card, toll free customer service number, annual fees charged … … Continue reading

Purchasing the Visa Gift Card

Gifts are always treasured by many people, but it reaches a point where the recipient prefers a particular thing as opposed to what he/she is given as a gift. This means that it becomes difficult for one to decide the right item that he/she has to give as a gift. In addition to finding it difficult to determine the right gift for the occasion, at times the recipient may prefer to be given cash rather than the material thing because he/she is not fond of receiving the gifts. This needs not to be … … Continue reading

Visa Black

… received, the cardholder can get extra cards for the friends and family. Another thing that one has to cautious is that since the Visa black does not have the spending, one has to exercise restrictions on his/her purchases. Final details on the credit card Since the bank allows few applications, one should not feel disappointed when the application is denied. The card has the reward points awarded with every dollar that one uses on the card, he/she earns 1 point. Moreover, when one uses the … … Continue reading

Facts on Southwest Visa

… flight status. Chase Bank also provides the customers with the Southwest Visa and they have facilitated the online services. Payments, change of due date, change of address, transfer balance and many more can be done online. There are cases whereby an unauthorized personnel may use the Southwest Visa to make purchases, but the good thing is that the cardholder is not liable for such transactions. Final details on the benefits If the card is stolen or gets lost, one needs not to worry too much … … Continue reading