Lord and Talor Credit Card Information

… customers who generally use multiple credit cards and store cards will not be able to benefit by this method. It is therefore recommended all loyal customers only. It is easy to acquire the card as there is no annual fee, minimising the barriers to entry on the programme. At this time, the maximum rate fee charged is around $35 with a 23 day grace period. The Lord and Taylor credit card offers many of the online features common to similar store cards including online statements and electronic … … Continue reading

American eagle credit card Information

… Credit card The platinum version of the american eagle credit card is targeted at people who wish to rebuild their credit rating at the same time as making purchases. This version has the lowest APR of three, currently capped at 9.9%. It has the lowest credit limits of the three, ranging between $500 to a maximum of $25,000. Other benefits include travel accident insurance up to a maximum of $400,000. By comparison, the Platinum rewards card offers more overall awards, but typically has a higher … … Continue reading

TJ Maxx Credit Card

… spend more than what he/she has in the account. If this arises, then one is advised to pay for the excess amount using cash. Benefits of the credit card The TJ Maxx credit card has many benefits attached to it. First, the card can be used anytime; thus there are no time restrictions on when the card should be used. Online services have enabled the customers to comfortably keep note of the account activities. Instead of visiting the bank to have the statements, one can easily access them via … … Continue reading

The Limited Credit Card

… reward for every 300 points that he/she earns. According to the latest information provided by The Limited, the company has indicated that the reward program might be changed or rather discontinued any time. This is therefore not an assurance that one will earn the rewards provided that he/she uses the card. The card application can be done online for fast and convenient transactions. After opening the account or rather receiving the approval, one gets a 15% off the first purchase that one … … Continue reading

Shell Credit Card

… balance transfer, there is a rate that is imposed. The Shell credit card can be used at the Shell gas stations as well as the other gas stations. In addition, there is no annual fee attached to this card. For the first time users of the card, there is no late fee charged in case of a first late payment. The foreign transactions can be carried out without having to pay the fee, thus there is no foreign transaction fee imposed. The Shell credit card can be used for various purposes, such as paying … … Continue reading

Pier 1 Credit Card

… the promotions and offers any time without even giving a notice. Pier 1 has also come up with the rewards MasterCard and the rewards are earned through spending on the imports. For every dollar spent on the imports, one gets 1 point and there is also an additional 20% off bonus provided that the approval is given. Conclusion on the benefits Apart from the rewards, the cardholder gets the special discounts. When there are new arrivals in the store, the cardholders will be called upon in order to … … Continue reading

Kohl’s Credit Card

… one becomes a cardholder, he/she is enrolled in the Kohl’s credit card rewards program. The rewards program is based on the fact that the members will earn cash. For the first time users, they are entitled to 15% off the first purchase. Later on, for every $50 that one spends on the purchases, one earns $10 Kohl’s cash. Review on how to make payment to the card One has to visit Kohl’s official website and this should be followed by clicking “My Kohl’s … … Continue reading