Horizon Credit Card

… put up with the additional fees. In order to maintain the credit card, the Horizon has imposed a monthly fee that is low as well as a one-time account setup fee. The one-time account setup fee is debited from the credit card instead of the account balance. The additional fees that have been imposed on the Horizon credit card only come in when the purchases are made together with shipping. In order to be well informed of the charges and fees imposed by the card issuer, it is best for one to go … … Continue reading

Dillard’s Credit Card

… 2 reward points for every dollar spent on the card. For the clients that use their card for the first time, they are entitled to a bonus of 10% provided that one spends $100. The credit card also facilitates the online payment. In order to undertake the online shopping, one has to visit the official website of the Dillard’s in order to pay online for the transactions carried out. If the payment is made through the use of Dillards.com, the cardholder also gets 2 reward points for every … … Continue reading

Review on Credit One Bank

… banks is discouraged from taking savings or any form of time deposits that their total amount is less than $100 million. An amount less than the stipulated can only be accepted only if they are used as a form of collateral for credit card loans. Also, according to the charter, Credit one bank is deterred from undertaking business in form of commercial loans. As said earlier; history of Credit one bank dates back to the year 1984 where it began operations where at that time it was known as First … … Continue reading

What is the Amazon Store Card?

Amazon store card is issued by the Synchrony Bank which is offered and it is used mainly by customers to make purchases on Amazon.com. This form of card doesn’t have an expiry date, hence once one is given, he/she may use it for a long period of time. In order to qualify for the card one is required to meet the following requirements. The first requirement is that the said person must be U.S Resident and should be equipped with a social security number. If he/she doesn’t have the SSN; there … … Continue reading

Guide to Getting and Using Amazon Credit Card

… hence the approval process takes place where in one minute one will be either granted or denied. Fees incurred through use of the card Fee related to the Amazon credit card is as follows; users of the card are not charged anything for just possessing the card. The credit provider charges interest on the balance that is left on the credit card after months’ time. The interest charged to the customer depends on his/her personal credit rating hence tends to vary from one person to the other. … … Continue reading

Facts on Visa Rewards Card

The rewards cards are in provision by the Visa companies and many people have embraced the new idea that has been developed by the financial institutions. The Visa rewards card works on the basics that once the client meets the amount of purchases set by the company if one uses either the Visa credit or debit card, he/she will be rewarded. The rewarding is done in the sense that one is awarded points that can at a later time be redeemed for more benefits. Most of the times, the clients are … … Continue reading

Visa Money Transfer

… prepaid card, one has to first contact the bank for further details. The information that one has to get from the bank entail the fees that are to be charged for the transfer. The financial institution that one decides to work with should be able to carry out this service and at the same time meets the needs of the client. If one decides to do the transactions online, then the website to be used should be in a position of ensuring a secure connection. It is always adVisable to go through the … … Continue reading

Different Types of Visa Classic

The Visa classic is used mainly in making the payments. This credit card can be used to pay for both small and large expenses and this is the reason as to why many financial institutions have opted to come up with their own Visa classic card. This has over the years grown because it is a good way of ensuring that the bank retains its customers over a long period of time. One good thing with this credit card is that it is accepted worldwide and this makes it easy for the people to carry out their … … Continue reading