The Limited Credit Card

The Limited credit card is being offered by The Limited. There are two types of cards that are being offered and they include The Limited credit card Classic and Couture. This credit card is limited to The Limited stores. The company also provides the online services that have enabled the paying of the bills, viewing of the statements and managing of the accounts. When it comes to the application of this credit card, not all of them receive the approval. Just like most of the credit cards, The Limited credit card comes with the rewards program in order to attract as many customers as possible.
This article will highlight the features and benefits that the cardholder has to put with. The rewards are earned through the accumulation of the points.

Basic information on The Limited credit card

In order for one to earn the points, one has to use his/her The Limited credit card to do the shopping. The points can then be transformed into rewards and in most cases, one is entitled to $15 reward for every 300 points that he/she earns. According to the latest information provided by The Limited, the company has indicated that the reward program might be changed or rather discontinued any time. This is therefore not an assurance that one will earn the rewards provided that he/she uses the card.
The card application can be done online for fast and convenient transactions. After opening the account or rather receiving the approval, one gets a 15% off the first purchase that one makes. The card comes along with many benefits that the card members frequently enjoy. In addition to the above benefits, there are special birthday savings that have been put in place for the customers.

Steps on how to log in

In order to access the account information, one has to sign in into his/her credit card account. The company has come up with the website whereby the customers are able to access the sign in details. One is required to enter his/her user name followed by the password. If one is making use of a public computer, caution has to be exercised in order to avoid the information landing in the wrong hands. One should not click on the option “remember my identity”. The company has also established the mobile site that can be used in managing the account over the phone, pay the bills and much more.

More details of the credit cards offered

The Limited credit card does not charge any application fee and this remains an assurance to the applicant that he/she does not need to suffer any loss in case the application is not approved. In addition, there are no annual fees charged. There are discounts that have put in place and this is mainly on the shipping provided that one spends the stipulated amount. The essence of using the online services is that one does not need to go to the bank to have his/her statements, they can be obtained online.

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