Visa Card Gold

The Visa card gold varies in appearance from one company to another, but all that remains common is that the card is used as a means of payment. This card has also accommodated the online shopping, thus making it easy for the payment to be done. The features of the Visa card gold are not similar for all companies and this is the reason as to why the banks have become competitive in order to meet the needs of the clients. The features vary in terms of the fees, interest rates and reward programs. These factors are basically used when it comes to deciding which bank or company to apply for the credit card.

CIBC Visa card gold

The CIBC is bank that has been offering the Visa card gold, but currently they are not taking new applications. If one is in search of the card that offers rewards on everyday purchases, then this is the right place to have all the needs met. Whenever the card is used for purchases, there are reward points that are earned. The points are flexible when it comes to redeeming them because they can be redeemed for merchandise, hotels, vacations, flights and much more. For every dollar spent on the card, one is entitled to 1 gold bonus point.
If the purchases are made using the CIBC Gold Travel Service, then the client is assured of double the gold bonus points while on the other hand, one earns 50% more gold bonus points at the select CIBC bonus rewards establishments. With the Visa card gold, one is able to manage his/her account and also keep track of the activities carried out with the card. The bank has also developed online banking and this saves time instead of queueing in the banking halls.

Additional details on the gold card

As stated earlier, the Visa card gold varies from one company to another in terms of the features and benefits. PenFed also has its own Visa credit card that has the following features. There is no annual fee charged on the card and for any foreign transaction, no fee is charged. If the customer contacts the bank for cash advance, there is no fee charged as well. The bank has clearly outlined what they do not consider as purchases using the Visa card gold, such as cash advances, balance transfers and convenience checks. If the card gets lost or stolen, it can be replaced as an emergency one.

More benefits offered by the credit card

The Visa card gold also comes with the loss damage insurance as well as the emergency medical. The Visa can be used in the automated teller machines to withdraw cash, thus avoiding the issue of withdrawing cash over the counter in the banking hall. In conclusion, it is best to always carry your credit card always provided that it is kept safely and always keep in mind that the credit card number has to be kept confidential.

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