Visa Gold; Types

Just as the name suggests, the Visa gold has a look similar to that of gold, but it has very important functions that it has tried to achieve. This Visa is being used globally and this translates to the fact that it is being accepted worldwide provided that the locations allow the use of the credit cards. The Visa gold is suitable for those people that have a higher purchasing power as well as higher spending limits.
The credit card can also be used online and similar to the other credit cards, Visa gold assures its clients with a convenient and fast shopping. The benefits that come along with this card will depend on the bank that one applied for the credit card.

Benefits of the Visa gold

Visa gold has benefits that are similar to those of the Visa classic, but it has added features alongside the benefits. First, the customers are entitled to emergency card replacement service. There are instances whereby the credit card might get lost or stolen, thus one has to be quick in acting to inform the bank. With the help of the representative of the customer service, a new card will be arranged and one will be informed where to pick the emergency replacement card or rather, the card can be delivered direct.
The cardholder is not held liable for any unauthorized use of the card, thus in case the card is used by another person to carry out the transactions and the cardholder does not need to pay any charge. There is a minimum credit limit that amounts to $5,000. In case the customer is in need of the emergency cash advance, he/she has to make a call on Visa and this operates continuously; there is no time limit.

Gold Delta SkyMiles

This is another company that offers the Visa gold to its customers and this is mainly for the Delta customers that are interested in earning bonus miles. The reward type for Delta is the travel airfare. Within the first 3 months after the credit card has been received, the cardholder earns 50,000 bonus miles and still within that period, if one makes the Delta purchases, he/she earns a $50 statement credit.
For the first year, there is no introductory fee charged, but later on Delta charges an annual amounting to $95. There are terms and conditions that have to be applied in order to ensure the proper running of the institution.

Qualstar Credit Union

The following are the features of the Visa gold provided by the Qualstar Credit Union. This card does not charge an annual fee and within the first 30 days after receiving the card, one is entitled to a 1% cash back on the balance transfers. The card can be used anywhere to make payments provided that the credit cards are allowed. In addition, the credit card account is protected to ensure that fraud does not take place. The card also has a low interest rate as well as low fees.

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