What is the Amazon Store Card?

Amazon store card is issued by the Synchrony Bank which is offered and it is used mainly by customers to make purchases on Amazon.com. This form of card doesn’t have an expiry date, hence once one is given, he/she may use it for a long period of time. In order to qualify for the card one is required to meet the following requirements.
The first requirement is that the said person must be U.S Resident and should be equipped with a social security number. If he/she doesn’t have the SSN; there is an option Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) and he/she must have attained the age of 18 years old.

Application process of the amazon store card

Application of Amazon store card involves one going to amazon and locate the store card link and proceed to click Apply now. The instruction preceding are easy-to-follow such that anyone will make use of this guide to apply for an Amazon store card. Response time of the application is 30 seconds; if the approval process is successful, one is notified of the credit limit and usage can kick start from that said moment. If the approval is not done instantly; it indicates that the Amazon store card application is under review. One will be notified through the Synchrony Bank, which usually takes 2-4 weeks; if this time has surpassed one is advised to contact the bank to inquire on the same.

Restrictions governing amazon store card

Restrictions govern use of the Amazon store card where there are some things you can’t buy using the card. Things that can’t be purchased with the card include digital subscriptions, games & software downloads, magazine subscriptions, textbook rentals, cell phone associated with a plan and Amazon prime membership.

Management of the card

One is at liberty to make recurring or one time payments when it comes to Amazon store card. This is possible through ones Synchrony Bank online account. In order to view the balance that has accrued; one is required to have access to ones monthly billing statement or though the online account. To make the one-time payment one is required to sign in his/her account and locate the Payments tab at the top of the page which will expand. Locate Make a Payment link and enter information that is required for the balance accrued.
For Recurring payment in the same tab; payment one is required to locate a link labelled Enroll in Recurring Payments. Information required will be prompted where one will be required to detail his bank account and accept terms and conditions. This should be proceeded by clicking agree and then submit. Confirmation that the recurring payment has been attended will be sent to the user. One also can make payment also through phone or mail. If it is made by phone one is required to call Synchrony Bank and one will be taken through the automated phone system which will guide him/her on making the payment. If it is by mail, one is required to send checks to the bank or amazon and the remittance will be made. It is through this that managing the Amazon store card is pretty much simple.

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